Design Elements

Kitchen and Home Design
Westfield Kitchen & Bath Co. offers professional design and planning services. We design and space plan using the latest versions of Auto-Cad and also hand scale drawings especially on unique detailed aspects of your project; which shows on the results of your finished cabinetry. We’re not just limited to extraordinary kitchen and bath design, as we have an award winning Architect on staff to suit your needs of an addition or for any other project needs in your home.

Custom Countertops
We are affiliated with first choice countertop suppliers and fabricators. We specify countertops only using select Grade A Material.
-Select Granites and Exotic Stone
-Woods of all Species and Rare Exotics
-Unique Recycled Glass
-Quartz Materials
-Corian Solid Surface

Tile and Backsplash Design

Baldwin Hardware
As Baldwin Hardware is recognized worldwide as the finest hardware in the world, know that we have this available to you. Baldwin Hardware was our sister company for many years and has been made available to you at factory pricing. We will hand specify your hardware and finish to compliment your project!

Custom Cutting Boards
We will specify even the fine details right down to Cutting and carving boards. These make a great accent and gift as well.

Home Accents, Décor, and Custom Glass
We offer very unique and extraordinary home furnishings and décor pieces to accent you home, bath and home office.